What is Diehard Nation

This site is going to be dedicated to diehard sports fans. We know that you are probably on other social media sites and following your favorite teams and players. We are too, but we think that it would be awesome to have a custom website just for sports fans, and make it a social media site sort of like Facebook but better.

The difference is that you won’t see annoying pictures of someones lunch or dinner unless they are tailgating or in a stadium! No more mindless pics of pets unless they are wearing a jersey! You get the idea right? I hope so.

There will be chatroom’s where you can talk some smack against your rival team fans. We will also have live in game chatroom’s during the game so you can all live and die by the next play!

We are also going to get great deals on jersey’s, ticket’s and memorabilia as well. You will be able to get your favorite jersey cheaper, cheaper tickets and pay less for that signed helmet or jersey as well!

This site is going to kick ass! But be warned if you can’t handle some trash talk then this site might not be for you!

Right now we know this page sucks as far as the look for the site but it will be changing and evolving over the next couple of months to make it something awesome!

We will also be looking for volunteers and will get you some cool team swag for your time. We’re looking for graphic designers, website designers and programmers.

If you want to get notified when we are officially live just fill out the form and don’t worry we aren’t going to spam you or nothing like that. Just one email or text letting you know that we are live and we aren’t going to sell your information either.

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    1. You can go to the link that explains it for you. In the meantime, we can tell you it is going to be a kick ass website that will be live by the middle of the year. A site where you can talk trash to other fans, win jerseys, tickets and all sorts of cool shit!

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